May 20th

2:58PM // 7 notes

oil study of my cat~~

April 10th

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"everybody wants to be us" Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly

April 2nd

8:02PM // 3 notes

squirrel gnome sketchbook thing

April 1st

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March 31st

10:10PM // 3 notes

sketchbook doodlin’ from old photos

10:01PM // 10 notes


February 27th

1:38PM // 3 notes

painted still life for drawing class

11:31AM // 4 notes

a lil’ oil landscape from back in the day. 

February 25th

12:45PM // 4 notes

the gnome king scoffs at your impudence.

February 24th

2:26PM // 9 notes

doodles of dad